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Have you had an accident that was not your fault ?


020 8314 1020
£100 cash back
Like for like replacement vehicle
Vehicle recovery & repair
No insurance excess
to pay
Save your no claims bonus

Loss of no claims bonus
You pay your excess
If available a small
courtesy car
You provide estimates
No injury claim
You run around

Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides Frequently Asked Questions in order to demonstrate how our service can help to resolve what might otherwise be a difficult scenario.

As the victim of a non fault accident you are legally entitled to the service we provide. The costs of any replacement vehicle provided, and repairs undertaken to your car if applicable will be paid by the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. You will have nothing to pay, not even the excess!
Definitely not, our team will manage your claim and speak to your insurance company if necessary, any witnesses, the repairer and the third party.
Yes, as long as they have not supplied you with a replacement car, please still contact us to see if we can help, and to avoid any possible detriment to your no claims record. Even if they have arranged a car for you, we may still be able to arrange the repairs for you. Quite often, other damage, unrelated to the accident, can be carried out for you at a much reduced cost or even for free if all the work is carried out at the same time. Our body shop estimators will be happy to advise you on this when inspecting your vehicle.
We can appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf.
Did you know that if you just leave your claim to be handled by your insurance company it is not unheard of for them to settle your claim on a 50/50 basis without your knowledge. We prevent that happening by liaising with both insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring a fair settlement of the claim.
Yes, your vehicle will be repaired in our own fully equipped accident repair workshop. All work is completed to a high standard and we will provide a warranty in the unlikely event of a defective repair. You do not have to make a claim on your own insurance which may result in the loss of your no claims bonus. The cost of the repairs and the inspection of your vehicle prior to repair will be recovered from the insurer of the at fault driver.
No, just relax and leave everything to our team. We will keep you up to date and also maintain contact with our body shop. We will ring you when your car is ready for collection to arrange a convenient time for you to collect it.
Yes it will be – and in many instances it will be newer or better than your existing vehicle. If we cannot replace your vehicle with a similar model (irrespective of the value of your vehicle) you will automatically be eligible for an upgraded vehicle.
Once our agents are satisfied that the accident was the fault of another party, a replacement car will be provided at a time convenient to you for the whole duration that you are without your own vehicle. The cost for the replacement car is recovered from the insurance company of the negligent third party.
Call us as soon as possible on 020 8314 1020. So that we can act quickly please give us as much information as possible relating to the accident and the details of the third party.
As a bare minimum, we need to know the registration number of the third party, along with the vehicle make and model of their vehicle, and your own personal and car details. If you also have their insurance company details, name and address, details of any witnesses, photographs of the location and damage to the vehicle then this information would be helpful in completing the claim quickly and efficiently.
If your car is written off or deemed uneconomic to repair then we will arrange for a replacement vehicle to be provided to you. Provided you do not have access to a replacement vehicle yourself or you can replace your vehicle from funds available to you, we will keep you in the replacement vehicle until you receive and bank a cheque from the third party’s insurance company in settlement of the value of your written off vehicle.
Our team will discuss the circumstances of your accident with you. At that time we will assess whether there is an identifiable negligent third party and if so will accept your claim.
No deposit will be required.
Yes we can arrange to have the repairs carried out for you in our fully equipped body shop, and will liaise with your insurer to have the repairs carried out quickly and efficiently, and invoice them directly for the work carried out. If the accident was your fault, we will not be able to supply a like for like hire vehicle. However, a courtesy car may be available, subject to availability.


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